From Pärnu-Jaagupi to Valga

Branch trail from Pärnu-Jaagupi to Valga will be created in July 2021 as part of the holy year.

Please follow updated information in our facebook groups!

Planned day trips are as follows:

July 25: From Pärnu-Jaagupi to Suigu (20 km)

July 26: From Suigu to Riisa Rantšo (26 km)

July 27: From Riisa Rantšo to Kõpu St. Peter’s Church (29 km)

July 28: From Kõpu to Halliste Church (25 km)

July 29: From Halliste to Taagepera Church (26 km)

July 30: From Taagepera – Järvesilma (26 km)

July 31: Järvesilma – Valga St. John Church (29 km)