Albergue is a Spanish word for pilgrim’s hostels on the Camino de Santiago. These are simple hostel-type lodges with beds, laundry facilities, use of the kitchen and some other small benefits. Depending on the form of ownership (public or private accommodation), prices and amenities vary to some extent.

On the Camino Estonia, the Albergue will be replaced by the pastorates and village houses. Conditions vary. Some places have beds; some provide mattes on the floor, some have hot showers and others a cold water sink. Some have a kitchen, and some have only a kettle. Please check the availability of the hostels and book in advance. You can find the contacts in our webpage section, where the route is described by days. Most of the accommodation can be paid for with a donation. Please bring indoor shoes.

Alternatively, we have listed all paid accommodations on the way. The choice is left to everyone.