Day 10: Häädemeeste – Ikla (28 km)

Day 10 begins at the Häädemeeste Lutheran Church of St. Michael and takes a smaller road to the Häädemeeste Orthodox Church . You can visit the Häädemeste Museum. Just after Häädemeeste is Nurmeotsa Farm Fish and Bread on the right hand side offering delicious smoked fish and seating. Here you can ask for a stamp in the pilgrim’s passport. There are other smaller cafes along the way that are open in summer. The path itself runs along a pine forest. In the morning the trail goes from the RMK Kabli Visitor Center , a nature trail and a bird station as wellpast the Priivitsa campfire site .  Kabli pagar (Baker shop) serves delicious pastries. For lunch, Metsaluige Café-Restaurant or Julie Lepanina Restaurant is good . In the afternoon the trail passes the Lemme and Krapi campfire sites . There is a shop in Treimani, Treimani Lutheran Church and Treimani Apostolic Orthodox Church of Peter and Paul . The day’s stage and the Estonian part of the Way of St. James ends in Ikla on the border between Estonia and Latvia.

Please find below itinerary (walking directions, accommodation, dining, sightseeing and other information) in a pdf fail as well as daily trail track log.

Day 10 route instructions and infrastructure as a table – coming soon…

Day 10 track log files (kml and gpx): 10_Haademeeste_Ikla.kml, 10_Haademeeste_Ikla.gpx

 Day 10 track in map:

Latvian boarder