Estonian Society of the Friends of St James Way is an association made up of volunteers. We do not have a permanent office or paid employees. We try to answer letters as soon as possible.


FB: Pilgrims of the Estonian Jaakobitee (Eesti Jaakobitee palverändurid)

Facebook groups:

Estonians – pilgrims on the paths of the Camino de Santiago
Camino Estonia

Камино Естония (Camino Estonia) – in Russian

The Estonian pilgrim’s passport can be purchased at the sales desk of the Tallinn Dome Church (Cathedral) and the Pärnu-Jaagupi Church during opening hours.

In case of urgent matters, please call:

Epp Sokk +372 5645 4310 EST, EN

Liina Kauküla +372 5838 9122 EST, EN, RU

Jane Vain + 372 5451 6999 EST, GER, EN, RU

Alla Ferman +372 5377 6388 EST, RU, EN