The story of Camino Estonia

Many people who have traveled the Camino de Santiago have later found that the experience had changed them: helped them find themselves, see solutions to problems, decide in favor of new beginnings, make peace with themselves and others. The journey makes you thankful and leads to a desire to give something back “to the road”, to share your experiences with others and do something for the pilgrims in your homeland. In this way, pilgrim associations have been born in various European countries and this has led to the construction of national camino roads.

We have held several brainstorming sessions with Estonian pilgrims, walked hundreds of kilometers in search of a route, recorded trail logs, searched for accommodation and made other preparations. We want to build a pilgrimage route from church to church, from the parish center to parish center, and plan the length of the day up to 30 km. We have planned the trip so that each day there would be a chance to go to the store and a place to rest for the night.

In 2021, a series of events “Holy Year 2021 on the Estonian camino” will take place, within which the whole road will be walked together every 1-2 days. Follow the advertisement on facebook and