Day 9: Tahkuranna – Häädemeeste (23 km)

Stage 9 starts at the Tahkuranna Apostolic Orthodox Church and continues in the Romantic Coastal Path area. The trail runs along the foresttrails and village streets to the Lutheran parish of Tahkuranna in Võiste. On the way there is a bathing place at the sea. There is a recreation area with restrooms near Tahku Tare Community House. There are two shops next door and a pavement cafe in front of the shop during the summer season. The trail continues through the pine forest along the trails of Jõulumäe Holiday Center to the trail of Tolkuse Swamp. If you wish, you can take a short walk on the wooden bog trail (ca 2 km) or climb the lookout tower on the crest of the dunes. From here the trail crosses the Via Baltica and leads to Tõotuse Hill, where there is an RMK recreation area with a toilet and tables. After that, the path runs along the small streets to the Lutheran Church of St. Michael Häädemeeste . In Häädemeeste there are shops and restaurants, and there is private accommodation for overnight stay.

Please find below itinerary (walking directions, accommodation, dining, sightseeing and other information) in a pdf fail as well as daily trail track log.

Day 9 route instructions and infrastructure as a table coming soon…

Day 9 track log files (kml and gpx): 9_Tahkuranna_Haademeeste.kml, 9_Tahkuranna_Haademeeste.gpx

 Day 9 track in map:

Häädemeeste Church